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  1. Danny’s place is great! There is no better place to take your car than Danny’s. He is honest and does a fine job on the simple fixes and the big ones.

  2. Great mechanic! We have been taking our vehicles to Danny for years now and have never dealt with a more honest and reliable mechanic. He will tell you if your car’s problem needs fixing now or if it can wait. His prices are reasonable, and he does a great job. I highly recommend anyone taking their car to Danny.

  3. Great mechanic! Danny was highly recommended to us years ago. Since then, we have used him exclusively for our vehicle repairs. His service is ‘above and beyond’ – including a wide knowledge base, friendliness, honesty, reasonable prices, fairness, and a desire to get it right the first time. We continue to recommend Danny to everyone with no reservations!

  4. Honest Service: I’ve used Danny for years going back to his franchise shop on 21st. He helped to maintain my ‘fleet’ that included 2 ‘high maintenance’ school cars my daughters drove to college, after he moved to his independent shop. He is always honest and fair priced by providing a diagnosis to the problem and an accurate estimate of what the cost would be with labor.

    I could site several examples of his honesty including the time when we had a problem that he tried several fixes and after a short period the gremlins would be back. He offered to refund his labor charges, in addition to all of the parts, but I told him he needed to eat too. He said he could count, on one hand, the number of times he couldn’t make a repair during all of his years in business. It turned out to be a sophisticated problem with the computer/emission system so the factory had to ultimately take responsibility for the fix.

    I have never had a qualm about recommending him to friends to give him a try and, to a person, they are glad they took their cars in for his services and then thank me for the referral.

  5. Great place to have your car repaired: Danny and his crew do a great job and you can trust him to deal with you honestly and not pressure you to make decisions like the chains. He seems to be committed to developing a long term relationship with his clients rather than the get all you can mentality of his competition. I definitely trust him to do the right thing.

  6. Getting my SUV fixed: Danny’s is a great place for your car care needs and the price is right and they get the job done!!!!

  7. Service: these guys are so helpful and are quick with the service. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  8. Car Service/Repair: I had my car serviced last Friday at Danny’s. I also had a rattling noise from under my car. Both were taken care of very quickly and the bill was very reasonable. Oh and my left head lamp was out. The reason Danny and his employees are so busy is because they are honest, dependable, thorough, and very friendly. I would never take my car to anyone else with any kind of car problems. Thank you everyone at Danny’s. You are the best!

  9. Good service: my daughter turned me onto Danny’s. Today, I stopped by after work around 430 to find out cost and possible times available to get my oil changed. About half hour later, I drove off with my oil change completed and the cost was reasonable. I call that good service. I will be back. And I recommend this shop to anyone who wants a good honest car repair shop . I think this is a skilled group of mechanics.

  10. Service: I am very happy with the service I have been given at Danny’s and will continue to stop by for all my service needs. Two thumbs up!

  11. Reliable service: Danny’s Car Care provides reliable service. I brought my vehicle in this week and, as with prior visits, I was pleased with the service I received. Thank you, Danny’s Car Care!

  12. Recommendation: Danny is an honest broker. He will never try to sell you things you don’t need. Beyond that he is an excellent and knowledgeable mechanic so you get what you need fixed and you don’t pay for additional parts that you don’t need. With Danny, you get what you pay for and that is exceptional work at reasonable prices. I’ve been using him for almost 20 years.

  13. great customer service: I have been to Danny’s several times and every time I have received fast, very friendly service!! I love supporting local businesses and get the small town feel when I walk in.

  14. Always a great experience: I have been to Danny’s several times over the years and he has always been helpful, honest and the service is always fast. Sometimes when I take my car other places for an oil change, I am harassed by workers saying I need to do this that and the other to my car. It’s so nice to take my car to Danny’s because I know he will tell me the truth and only fix stuff that actually needs to be done!

  15. awesome service: this was the first time that i have gone to danny’s and i was very pleased with the service. They were honest and very helpful. Also there service was quick.I give these guys 2 thumbs up!

  16. Best Mechanic in town. I’ve been with Danny’s for over ten years, and haven’t regretted a day. If I had to describe him in one word I would say honest! To me that says means everything when it comes to my vehicles. His knowledge is expert level and and I appreciate that. I think you really get your money yes worth, and if it’s not right he will make it right. Just give him a try, you won’t regret it!

  17. Peace of Mind: it’s so nice to have someone I can trust in the auto industry. When you have no idea what is wrong with your car or what it might take to fix it, it’s nice to be able to trust someone with those issues who will get the job done at the best price possible. He even once referred me to another mechanic across town who could sell me a cheaper transmission!

  18. Good Service: we feel like you can trust Danny to tell us what is wrong. It’s nice to have a mechanic that won’t try to take advantage of a female. We feel like we can trust him with our cars. If you want honest, up front pricing, and excellent work Danny is the mechanic you will really like.

  19. Great Service: I’ve taken my vehicles four times to Danny’s now, and have been very pleased by
    the service and the competitive price. Assistant up front always has a smile on
    her face, and takes your concerns seriously. Stan W.

  20. very pleased: I took my vehicle in today for an oil change and everyone was very nice and friendly. I was there less than an hour! I couldn’t be happier with the service I reseved. I will definitely be back!

  21. Good honest service: I have been very happy with the service I have received at Dannys. I was treated well and felt they were very honest to me. I highly recommend Dannys for good service.

  22. Great Service: I went to Danny’s for an oil change and check the car over before a long trip because my daughter said they were very trustworthy. The service was good and done in the right amount of time. The work that needed to be done was reasonable for the mileage on the car and I’ve had no problem since and that was in July 2013. A bolt broke when they changed the oil and they replaced the oil pan free of charge with no hassle for me. They are honest and responsible.

  23. Danny’s car care: I’ve known Danny for a quite a while, he’s one of the most trustworthy people I know, I love taking my car there due to the way you are treated. he and his staff treat every customer as if they’re family. I like that Danny’s not one to try and hawk you parts you don’t need, and I like the speed and professional work they do. if anyone’s cars ever break down I always send them his way and be sure and let em know “he’ll be sure and get ya taken care of” I was also glad to see the expansion, and the new employees. everyone there is so nice!

  24. Vehicle Repair: I have found Danny to be an honest and trustworthy individual. Not only are his prices reasonable, you can count on him to have exceptional customer service as well as the expertise to repair your vehicle in a manner that you will like. He does not take shortcuts, and he will not give you a bunch of “mechanic speak” that you cannot understand. I highly recommend Danny and his crew.

  25. Service: best service I have had in Topeka and even better customer service! Will go back whenever I’m in need to have my car worked on!

  26. car care: April 16, 2014

    Danny’s Car Care is the place where you know that your car will be fixed right by honest people.

  27. New Alternator: amazingly honest and fast. Was told upfront about costs. Had them look at another issue I was having they honestly told me they were not the cheapest and where I could go for that specific job. That is integrity and has earned my business!

  28. Honest and Trustworthy: my first experience with Danny is when he quoted me a price and it ended up taking him less time to repair. He could have left the price as is, because I wouldn’t have known how long he worked on my car since I dropped it off….but he didn’t. He adjusted my bill and lessened the price. Ever since then, I have admired his business and work ethic and will continue to take all of my family’s vehicles to them as well as send people his way.

    Thank you!

  29. Exceptional Customer service! Dannys car care has taken great care of my families vehicles. Very inexpensive and exceptional customer service. Time and prices are always amazing. It’s nice to have a caring local mechanic!

  30. Forever Customer: I was getting ripped off by other mechanics and my co-worker told me about this great guy named Danny. First thing I noticed was how clean the reception area was and how nice and friendly everyone was. They made sure I waited while they looked at my car and then asked me to come back and take at look at what they had found. I was suprised that they told me things that needed to be fixed but that they could wait and things that needed to be done right now. It was very refreshing how honest and positive it was. I would recommend Danny’s Car Care to anyone…..I’m a forever customer now!

  31. Small town feeling: very personable staff. Everyone was professional and curtios. They also got me in really quick which is nice on time constraints. I will be back for more.

  32. auto care and maintenance: I have been taking my vehicles to Danny for many years and have never failed to be extremely pleased not only with the quality of work done by Danny and his employees but also with their professionalism, fairness, expertise, and honesty. Danny operates a truly quality business and employs competent and knowledgeable people to ensure that it stays that way. Danny and his staff are also very friendly, helpful, and informative, and non-intimidating. They are honest and trustworthy. I love that Danny is a local and self-built businessman! I would recommend Danny’s Car Care to others – and actually have!!

  33. Honesty, Trustworthy and Reasonable Price: last week I felt my Dodge Caravan had starting problem. I had to turn the key all the way to the end to get it started. I went to Briggs Dodge for an estimated cost for repair. $244 was the answer. I didn’t take the service. Then I went to Danny’s Car Care. Their cost would be $170. So I left my van there. After check they called me that there was no problem with the starter. They cleaned the connection end and the starter works fine now. I truly appreciate their honesty and reasonable price. I’d recommend their service to anybody who has car problem.

  34. a great place to go: jus wanted to say im very pleased wit dannys work and always have been….i will continue to come here and show support to a great buisiness….ty again dannys for ur great work

  35. TRULY AN HONEST MECHANIC: I recently took a used toyota pick-up I had bought to DANNY,S to have the radiator flushed,and to get get an exhaust leak fixed.After checking around I found that DANNY’S was the best price in town for a radiator flush.Danny could not fix the exaust leak for me but refered me to a muffler shop in town that could.Truly a class act for automotive repair in Topeka.You tell me how many auto repair shops in Topeka have a BIBLE in the customer lounge for customers to read while waiting for their vehicle.That in my opinion says alot about the integrity of the man and his business.

  36. Great service and know how: I’m new to Topeka and I’ve heard on multiple occasions that Danny is by far the best mechanic in town. I recently got to experience this when I had problems with my truck they were very prompt about getting me in and had great customer service. Great place to get your car taken care of.

  37. would recommend: just got an oil change from Danny’s today, they were busy but got me right in, they were fast, & the young boy even found a couple problems and told me about them, these guys are great & Honest!

  38. Honest and competitively priced mechanics! For the most part we have used Danny’s as a mechanic as far back as when he had Precision Tune on 21st. Street. We have always been treated fairly by him. One time a part was replaced (several could have caused the problem). When I had to return, he replaced a second part with no additional labor and only the cost difference between the parts. In other words, the first part was free. Every other time my vehicles have been taken care of the first time, and at very competitive pricing. Our latest fiasco was having a power steering problem. My wife was told $986 to repair it, plus we badly needed another $2,000 in maintenance by a Firestone shop. Danny’s fixed this problem for $289. No one is perfect, but we have ALWAYS been treated fairly by these guys.

  39. Great Servie: I have always been able to rely on Danny and his crew to get repairs done quickly and effectively.

  40. Superior Service: Danny is always willing to talk to me and explain my situation. He is very quick with his service and does a great job.

  41. Awesome Service!!! Danny provides reliable and honest service. He stands behind his work and has a great business philosophy!! I am a repeat customer and would recommend his shop to anyone needing car repairs or service.

  42. Caring and trustworthy: I needed an honest mechanic- my brother and sister-law told me about Danny’s. I started going to Danny’s of 2013- from that point I had some major work done to my car. I had went to the dealerships where they quoted some cost that were really high- I found that when Danny staff quoted the cost to have the same thing done it was much more reasonable! After the work they did on my car I’ve found that I can trust Danny and there cost! Since then I have had some major and minor work done on my car- I can trust my car on long trips now-And they treat you with respect- which I like-

  43. Oil Change: today I took my brother-in-law’s car for an oil change. He has used Danny’s Car Care Service in the past. They serviced the car right away and they were fast. They also lubed the car. The third brake light was out and they changed the blub free of charge; it still did not work. I thought it was a fuse; but the Owner said the other brake lights were working and they were on the same fuse. He said I could bring it back and could trace the problem. I would recommend Danny’s Car Service to others. The staff is friendly and helpfuland best of all the bill was half the cost of other shops.

  44. Excellent service! We have been using Danny’s for several of our vehicles and have been extremely satisfied with the service they provide. They are always very professional and helpful. They are more than willing to talk to you about what is needing to be done. You cannot ask for a more trusted, honest and Godly mechanic!

  45. service: we had them fix our Monte Carlo as we thought it was on its last leg. They got us running and fixed ALL the problems.
    What a GREAT Family business and would recommend them to everyone!

  46. The best auto shop in Topeka:
    I am so impressed with the care and service at Danny’s Car Care. My car had a tick or ping noise, and I could not determine its origin. I first emailed Danny and then brought it in for a look. Danny was so attentive. He called me with good news. It apparently was minor — Another shop could have taken me to the cleaners. There was no charge. AMAZING. I couldn’t believe it. WOW. God is good, and Danny’s Car Care Topeka is the best bet in town.

  47. wonderful: Dannys car care is the olny place ill take my car. Theyre honest n fast.

  48. great service: I went to Danny’s for my normal stuff and while there I needed my rearview mirror remounted.Only Danny knew it had a clip holding it in place and not a setscrew like most.Why go back to Danny for any problem?Just shared with you one more reason on a very long list.He is great at what he does!

  49. Best Auto Shop in Topeka: my father goes to dannys for any car maintenance and i went in today and they always have friendly service and do a great job! i recommend this family owned business to anyone in topeka.

  50. A big thank you to Danny’s Car Care! Few things are worse than breaking down on the side of a hot busy Interstate in Kansas!
    If this situation befalls you, hopefully you are close enough to be towed to Danny’s Car Care.
    They snuck us in at the end of day with smiles. They are a very knowledgeable crew and were very attentive. Extremely trustworthy and honest.
    Thankyou again and happy travels to you Danny!
    Kim and Taylor

  51. Good Service: my entire family goes to Danny for various reasons. He is very knowledgeable, works quickly and efficiently. We trust him with all our vehicles.

  52. Best mechanic we know! Our entire family uses Danny’s Car Care. We have always been satisfied with the service and honesty given to us. We won’t take our vehicles anywhere else. Thank you Danny.

  53. Honest quality: I’ve just started using Danny’s but have been pleased not only with the work but with the customer service as well.Always pleasant not pushy.Family is thought when it comes to Danny’s.Nice to know quality and care still exists,THANK YOU!

  54. Best car shop in Topeka! Exceptional service, exceptional staff. Danny is very trustworthy and always gives a fair price. I will never take my car anywhere elsw. I would highly recommend Danny’s car care to everyone.

  55. Service with a Smile: Danny and his team are friendly and fun. The honesty and integrity they bring to their business is above and beyond. Danny’s expertise shines through his love for cars and the enjoyment of making sure everyone is safe on the road. He will never mislead you and will always be honest! There’s no better place to get your car serviced!

  56. My mother told me about Danny a few years back. I was always very suspicious of service people because I didn’t know if they were treating me fairly or doing the work I was being charged.
    After going to Danny, he came across as very knowledgeable and honest and was always willing to answer questions. I felt so relieved. He also told me what work was being done on my vehicle or what my vehicle needed. I would never go to anyone else for any major overhaul on my vehicle.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, you can trust Danny. Not only is he honest, but he is a Christian man. DANNY, you are awesome.

  57. Honest, efficient, reasonable! Danny’s is the best! We are so pleased with the work they have done, and can’t say enough about this shop. It’s so refreshing to be able to trust a mechanic!

  58. Great Service! Very satisfied with this shop! Affordable and professional services every time I went there. One day it was about to rain and my windshield wipers weren’t working so I went to Danny’s. They were very busy. However, since it was urgent to have my wipers fixed, they almost immediately found a men to look into this. I was surprised to hear in a timely fashion that it was fixed and I’m not charged anything since the issue wasn’t that difficult to solve. Again, exceptional service!

  59. car service: very friendly staff and quick service. I highly recommend Danny’s Car Care!

  60. Great Service: I was impressed by the friendly staff and the timely repair of my car. I will be taking all of my vehicles to Danny’s Cae Care for future assistance.

  61. A great day to visit Danny’s Car Care: what a great place to have your car serviced. Friendly staff, timely work, and displaying the word ‘care’ is not just something in the name, it is a practice in the shop.

  62. Thank you! What a great place to do business with! I love that I can stop in with no appointment an if you have time you get me right in. Everyone made me feel comfortable and that my business was important to them!

    I would reccomend Danny’s to anyone needing their car serviced or repaired.

  63. I recommend them to anyone. Very friendly and trustworthy staff. It is hard to find someone to work on your car that you trust them to do what they say they are going to do.

  64. Great Service: we have found a great place in Topeka to do oil changes and car repair work!! They always come in under their estimate and do a fantastic job!! We have used Goodyear on 21st and Fairlawn for the last 15 years!! Goodbye Goodyear!!

  65. Great Job! WOW! What a great place to get fast, efficient,reasonable and courteous service.
    I won’t go anywhere else to get car repairs. I will recommend Danny’s to all who need help. 🙂 J.S.

  66. Awesome people! They’re fast, affordable, reliable, and they are ALWAYS friendly. My favorite shop!

  67. Best Car Shop in Topeka: we’ve been coming to Danny’s for a few years now after a recommendation from a tow truck operator. Danny and his crew have kept our car(s) on the road without fail. They are both professional and honest. We won’t take our cars anywhere else. I highly recommend Danny’s Car Care for your automotive needs.

  68. Nobody Can Beat Danny: I’ve been coming here for 4 years and overtime I’ve come to know the staff like family. They are very competitive on pricing, and wait times are low. The quality of work can’t be matched. Dannys Car Care is THE go to place in Topeka for your automotive needs.

  69. Traveling through Topeka brake line emergency: my daughter and I were traveling from KC, MO to Hays, Ks on Friday, the beginning of Labor Day weekend. She had just had brake lines replaced on the vehicle she was delivering to her son at Ft Hays State University in Hays, KS. Unfortunately we came to the Toll Booth in Topeka and barely had any brakes at all. We knew they needed to be checked but are totally unfamiliar with the Topeka area. We could not have been more fortunate to come across Danny’s Car Care. Daniel came right out and looked at the car and discovered one of the “new” brake lines was improperly installed and had rubbed on a tire/rim or somewhere under the car and developed a rupture and we were leaking brake fluid out. Knowing we were traveling through, they ordered the part which was delivered within 30 minutes and got the vehicle right in and we were back on the road in no time. Friendly and courteous staff (including Danny the proprietor). We were not charged a “premium” for an emergency job to out-of-towners and just had the most positive experience we could have ever hoped for. Thank you so much Danny, Daniel and your other staff for your caring, kindness and quick response to our emergency! Car was delivered and we made it back to KC safely.

  70. Car Repair and Oil Change: my window is not working correctly so I dropped it off. Danny called and discussed what was wrong and what it would take to fix it. They are nicest group of people. Very friendly and reasonably priced. I found my new mechanics to work on my family car, especially since we will be having a new driver in the family soon. 🙂

  71. Wonderful service: when I was traveling through Topeka on the way to Kansas City, these guys were very helpful and professional. They quickly got me back on the road. I appreciated their help. They get the gold star for service in my book!

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