Air Conditioning

Among the services that Danny’s Car Care offers, we also “charge” air-conditioning systems.

We have been meeting the needs of our customers even in the changes that have come over the decades due to new regulation.

In the 1990s, it was determined that the then popular refrigerant dichlorodifluoromethane was not safe for the ozone layer of the atmosphere. It was subsequently phased out of use in automobiles—and elsewhere—in favor of the EPA’s new favorite refrigerant called tetrafluoroethane (also known as HFC134a or R134a).

Since then, R134a was also found to be detrimental to the atmosphere. As a result work was done to develop a replacement. Around 2010, the EU directed that a new refrigerant be used. A little while afterward, US manufacturers also began to use this new coolant as well. As a result, R-1234yf (sometimes called Opteon YF, Solstice YF, or HFO-1234yf) is being used now in the manufacture of the newest vehicles.

Danny’s Car Care is able to take care of your automotive air-conditioning needs in these newer vehicles, too. We are looking forward to serving your automotive needs.